Puppy Visits

Just brought a new pup and now you’re worried about leaving it alone all day while you’re at work wondering what it’s up to - is it getting into mischief, is it lonely, what condition will the house be in when you get home, did it relieve itself in an inappropriate spot?

Don’t fret, this is where The Pawfessionals can help, we can come to your house and check up on the new addition to the household, we will feed your puppy, clean up any accidents, take it for a toilet break and provide plenty of human contact and play time.

As you know the puppy stage of a dog's life is when they learn and absorb - everything that happens at this stage remains with them for the rest of their lives and has an impact on shaping their behaviour. Therefore it is critical that puppies are exposed to as much as possible without being flooded. For example loud noises, cars, bikes, various people etc (if you would like a list of things puppies should be exposed to you can email or call me and I’ll be happy to send you the list FREE OF CHARGE), otherwise The Pawfessionals can do this for you when taking your pup for a walk.

Also at this critical stage of the puppy’s life it needs to be trained with basic obedience, this needs to be done correctly so as not to confuse the pup as to what is expected.

Having taught people for over twenty years in how to train their dog The Pawfessionals can come to your home and teach you  how to train your puppy the correct way using positive reinforcement.

Standard service area suburbs (group dog walking, pet sitting, puppy visits and training services) - Eastwood, Epping, Denistone East, Denistone West, Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Marsfield, Meadowbank, Putney, East Ryde, North Ryde, West Ryde and Ryde.