About The Pawfessionals

As the founder and head trainer of The Pawfessionals I am a highly experienced and successful dog handler who has worked with all ages and breeds of dogs for over twenty years in situations that range from group obedience sessions to individual behaviour consultations and puppy training. Working with a wide range of breeds and ages of dogs throughout the past twenty years means that I have the knowledge and experience to know that every dog is an individual with their own needs and motivation, one training solution does not suit every dog.

I am a certified dog trainer who has also completed several dog behaviour and training courses including those run by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT), NSW Canine Council, German Shepherd Dog League NSW and the Delta Society.

I worked closely with the Australian Customs Detector Dog Unit during my years as a Customs Officer, giving me an insight into and knowledge of detection dog training.

I have been a dog training instructor at various dog training clubs throughout the past twenty years and currently am a volunteer instructor at a local dog training club – Brush Farm Dog Training Club. This instructing involves leading group classes from beginner to advanced obedience with all breeds and ages of dogs.

After several years of offering pet sitting services (dog, cat, small pet) I am also highly experienced in all areas of pet care and regularly care for a variety of domestic pets as part of our pet sitting service – dogs, cats, birds (small, medium and large), rabbits, chickens, fish and ferrets.

I am a professional member of the PPG – The Pet Professional Guild and regularly attend their lectures, seminars and webinars that allow me to be up to date with and informed of the latest dog training and obedience methods as well as being aware of current studies regarding dog psychology / behaviour.

I have successfully trained my own dog to the highest level of obedience training, receiving numerous titles, trophies and ribbons along the way. This was achieved by building a rapport with the dog, using positive – reward based training and understanding how a dog thinks.

I am currently the owner of a rescue dog who came to me with no training and lacking socialisation skills resulting in aggression, however with some basic training and perseverance that has now changed and I am lucky enough to share my working day with Pawfessionals CEO, Bear.