Terms and Conditions

For dog walking:

  1. Dogs must be fully vaccinated with a C5 vaccination certificate as proof, it is recommended they be on a flea and tick prevention, must be in good health and free from illnesses. (if in group walks)
  2. Dogs must wear an identification tag, be registered with the municipal council and a lead must be provided.
  3. Dogs must be older than 16 weeks old.
  4. If dogs are not compatible or aggressive towards other dogs and don’t understand basic commands then dogs will be kept on lead, if applicable individual walking and rates may apply.
  5. Dogs that aren’t reliable and have a tendency to run off will be kept on lead.
  6. Dogs over 6 months old must be desexed with group walks
  7. Dogs not desexed over 6 months old or bitches in season will be individually walked, individually walk rates apply
  8. At the discretion of The Pawfessionals if a dog shows any sign of aggression or illness upon collection or are on medication for transmittable illness then we will refuse to take a dog in a group walk. We will make every attempt to notify the owner as soon as possible if the above circumstances arise. An individual walk may be more suitable, individual walk rates apply


  1. At the discretion of The Pawfessionals if a dog shows any sign of aggression during a pet sitting service we may then suspend the service. We will make every attempt to notify the owner as soon as possible if the above circumstances should arise.
  2. If feeding is required please ensure there is enough food available to cover that period of the service. If The Pawfessionals are required to make a special trip to the shops for pet food / products then a fee of $18 per half hour will be charged on top of the purchase price of the goods.
  3. Medication (as above)
  4. If you require your cat to be locked inside at night after being allowed out during the day, we will endeavour to achieve this during the half hour visit, if this cannot be achieved it will be necessary for the cat to remain outside until the next visit.
  5. Advance payment of goods is required prior to purchase of goods. We do not charge a percentage on top of goods purchased.
  6. Clear and concise instructions must be given, preferably in writing for feeding and if applicable medication and for anything else that is required at time of booking.
  7. Feeding of small animals is for domestic pets only which require basic food such as bird seed or dry flake for fish. More than 3 cages, hutches, aquariums etc will attract an additional fee.
  8. Watering of indoor plants includes up to 10 pot plants only. Additional plants or outdoor watering attracts an additional fee.
  9. If spare keys are not supplied during the introductory meeting then they can be dropped off at The Pawfessionals secure letterbox. If you choose we can hold on to them in a secure place for future services, otherwise keys will be left on the last visit in a discreet location that the owner chooses.
  10. All keys held by The Pawfessionals will not be identified in the event of theft or loss.
  11. If The Pawfessionals need to make a special trip to pick up or drop off the spare keys then a $15 fee will be charged.
  12. If a client returns home early during a pet sitting service and fails to inform The Pawfessionals and the service is carried out for that day then that day will be charged as a normal service.
  13. Any cancellations must be given no later than midday the day before the service is due to commence, otherwise a 50% cancellation fee is payable.
  14. Dishonoured or no shows will be charged at full rate of service.
  15. Clear and concise instructions of arming / disarming of alarms if applicable are required prior to service commencing. The Pawfessionals will use due diligence to engage / disengage the alarm, however if the alarm is activated and security / enforcement are deployed then all costs will be covered by the client.
  16. Bookings or reservations are not confirmed until payment has been made in full and confirmed by email or text (regular clients exempted).
  17. Payment made either by cash or direct debit payment is required before the service commences, regular clients pay weekly.
  18. The Pawfessionals reserve the right to decline a booking with full refund without reason given, however the majority of the time it will be due to safety concerns.