Puppy Preschool

The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool is offered in partnership with and recommended by Denistone Vets.

Training your puppy should begin the day you bring your new puppy home and The Pawfessionals have developed their Puppy Preschool to assist puppy owners to lay the foundations of a lifelong relationship with their puppy. The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool will equip owners with all the knowledge and skills needed for them to help their puppy grow into a calm and confident dog, who is a well-behaved member of the family.

Presented by a dog training professional with over twenty years of experience dealing with all ages and breeds of dogs, The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool is based on current research and positive training methods with a focus on early, positive and comprehensive puppy socialisation taking place during your puppy’s critical socialisation period (between 3 – 12 weeks of age with a smaller window to 14/16 weeks of age, dependant on breed).

The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool is a four-week course, classes run for one hour, are held on consecutive Saturdays at 3pm in Ryde at a cost of $190. Course cost covers attendance of one puppy and two family members only, classes are limited to five puppies.

Course content covered includes socialisation, canine communication, basic obedience, toilet training, common behaviour issues and preventing anxiety. The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool is also unique with the course being presented within a relaxed, home environment that is large enough to allow a strong emphasis on controlled and guided puppy playtime as well as confidence building activities. Both of these allow body language and canine communication to be observed and interpreted as they happen in a natural setting.

Expressions of interest are now being taken. The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool has an attendance requirement, so classes may be postponed depending on the number of puppies confirmed to attend. Please contact us for available dates.

In the event that there is no Puppy Preschool being offered as the attendance requirement is not being met The Pawfessionals also offer a convenient one on one puppy training option. This one on one session is held at your home and covers all puppy training basics, it can also be tailored to suit individual needs.

Please note that The Pawfessionals Puppy Preschool is designed for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks old at the start of each course, a puppy must also have had his/her 1st puppy vaccination (C3), at least 1 week prior to commencing the course, puppies must also be flea and worm treated. It is a course requirement that a copy of your puppy’s vaccination certificate as well as evidence of flea / worm treatment be presented in order to attend the course.

(Please note, course fee payment is made in full at the first class, in the event of puppies not completing the course for any reason, course fees are non-refundable.)