Dog Walking

Are you working long hours, time poor, coming home late and have less time to spend quality time with your dog? Not giving your dog enough daily physical exercise or the mental stimulation and companionship it requires results in a bored dog and often results in undesirable behaviours such as digging holes and excessive barking.

To be happy, calm and content a dog needs daily exercise as well as social and mental stimulation. Exercise is the best boredom buster there is and a tired dog is a happy and healthy dog.

With over twenty years of experience, The Pawfessionals are able to cater for all ages, sizes and breeds of dogs in their group walking program.

Your dog will enjoy the company of other dogs whilst playing and exercising with them under the care and supervision of a highly experienced dog handler who spends the group walk interacting with all dogs that are a part of the group. The interaction provided in conjunction with the care and supervision of a highly experienced dog handler leading group walks also often results in the elimination of undesirable social behaviours exhibited by dogs in a group situation.

This is how The Pawfessionals can help you and your dog.

  • Your dog is walked in a group for an hour at a chosen location, the hour includes structured game time and supervised free play, on leash and off leash time and is personalised to suit your dog’s needs and interests.
  • Your dog is walked in a group, this socialises your dog, gives it mental stimulation and confidence and enables us to keep a close eye on them.
  • Your dog will be matched up with other dogs that it is compatible with, based upon its temperament and needs.
  • Dogs are picked up from your house and driven in air conditioned comfort to the park.
  • Dogs are supplied with fresh water.
  • We will walk your dog in all weather conditions with the exception of extreme conditions (and towel dry off your dog if it’s wet).

It is standard Pawfessionals policy to meet you and your dog before walking begins. This initial visit to your house is free of charge and allows us to discuss details and requirements and gather information about your dog’s temperament, needs and habits.

The Pawfessionals also provide dog walking updates via The Pawfessionals Facebook page as a standard service.

The Pawfessionals group walking program does not operate on designated New South Wales public holidays.

Standard service area suburbs (group dog walking, pet sitting, puppy visits and training services) – Eastwood, Denistone East, Denistone West, Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Marsfield, Meadowbank, Putney, East Ryde, North Ryde, West Ryde and Ryde.