Dog Training

The Pawfessionals provide a number of dog training services and options. Select below for more information.

Basic Commands and Obedience

Do you want your dog to come, sit, stay, down/drop, wait or leave it when you give the command? Do you want your dog to heel – walking beside you on a loose lead when you are out and about?

Behaviour Modification

Does your dog bark excessively all day? Does it dig, chew or engage in any other destructive behaviour? Jump up on people and visitors, pull on lead, or show signs of aggression?


Socialisation, toilet training, separation anxiety, bite inhibition – mouthing and chewing, jumping, basic obedience, walking on lead, crate training, barking and exercise.

Rescue Dogs

An essential part of adopting a rescue dog is training. The Pawfessionals have experience working with rescue dogs and are very aware of the special training needs that rescue dogs have.