How often should I be walking my dog?

Dog walking is essential for all dogs regardless of breed & walking your dog should be a daily routine.

What benefits does walking my dog have?

The benefits of dog walking are that your dog gets physical and mental exercise while it is staying fit and healthy. The other positive of a dog being walked is that it stops  boredom and destruction.

How long should my dog be walked for?

Walking a dog for half an hour a day is adequate and letting the dog sniff and play while walking is also beneficial for your dog.

Can The Pawfessionals walk my dog for longer periods of time?

The Pawfessionals will cater for your needs and any requests you have, therefore we can walk your dog for as long as you like.

Will my dog be walking and playing with other dogs?

The Pawfessionals complete group dog walking in groups of no more than four.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs will you walk my dog by itself?

The Pawfessionals also complete individual dog walking to suit your needs.

What animals do you look after for pet sitting?

The Pawfessionals offer  pet sitting  for all small domestic pets e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc. We also do house sitting.

Who supplies the food when the Pawfessionals are pet sitting?

It is the owners responsibility to ensure that there is enough food available during the duration of the owners absence. However if during pet sitting / pet minding we find there isn’t enough food don’t worry we won’t let your pet starve, we will go to the pet store and purchase more food and charge the owner accordingly as it is important that your pet’s diet remains the same.

What is included as part of your pet sitting / house sitting service?

During our pet sitting or house sitting service The Pawfessionals will feed your pets, clean up after them, collect mail, and take the bins out/in as part of our standard service. If there are further things required we are more than happy to accommodate, however further charges may apply.

When The Pawfessionals are pet sitting or house sitting is it obvious when you arrive and leave to complete your service?

Our pet sitting / house sitting service is completed as discreetly as possible.

Can The Pawfessionals train my dog?

Yes we do offer a dog training service, however The Pawfessionals will TEACH YOU how to train your dog, regardless of what you require from your dog. There hasn’t yet been a problem we haven’t solved when training a dog.

I have no experience training a dog, is it easy to train a dog?

You don’t need to have any experience in dog training. Training a dog is very simple as long as the whole family follows the same dog training method, otherwise your dog gets confused  and will not obey commands. My nine and seven year old children are capable of getting our dog to sit, stay and come.

Can you guarantee that the training will work?

Training a dog to be obedient will only work if what you are taught is practiced on a daily basis for a few minutes until the dog does what is required automatically.

How long will it take for my dog to be trained?

It may take a day or weeks to get your dog trained, it all depends on what you want the training to achieve and on what you want the training to focus on.

Can I have just one lesson for dog training or do I need to have a few lessons?

You can have as many or as few as you like to train your dog, we can discuss a package tailored to your needs.

What suburbs to you service?

We service the Northern Suburbs area which includes: Carlingford, Eastwood, Denistone East, Denistone West, Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Linley Point, Marsfield, Meadowbank, Putney, Rhodes, East Ryde, North Ryde, West Ryde, Ryde, West Pymble and Telopea.

When it comes to dog training what areas do you service?

We will go out of area when it comes to training your dog. Just contact The Pawfessionals to check what areas we service for dog training.